Making choices.

Certainly environmental awareness is at an all-time high, and builders, especially on the commercial side, have to adhere more and more to a growing list of standards. Various associations and ratings have sprouted in specific industries like, wood and metal products—some are very good, and others have a way to go until they fully mature.

So when it comes to building or remodeling a substantial residence, “Going Green” is matter of degree. Home construction materials and building techniques have changed substantially over the years to become more energy efficient. And many new innovations are less harmful to the environment—especially with regard to recyclable materials. So ultimately, it’s all about the myriad choices you’ll make as you specify materials for your home.

At Faracy, our goal is to provide our clients all the best possible options necessary to realize their vision. If being Green is your priority, then our mission is to work closely with you to make sure nothing is sacrificed on your way to a stunning outcome.

We welcome you to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding this ever-expanding topic.