Our dedication to collaboration leads to exceptional outcomes.

Whether you’re a general contractor, interior designer, architect, or a discriminating homeowner with high expectations, you’ll discover, working with our team carries substantial advantages and engenders great confidence. Ultimately, our commitment is always the same: be a great partner and deliver quality craftsmanship to our clients.

General Contractors

After so many years of working closely with general contractors, we’ve developed a strong sense of what it means to be a great vendor and team player. That’s why our entire approach to this business was designed to always stay ahead of the curve. To achieve that goal, we’ve probably elevated our operation to a point of being super-organized! We don’t have a high tolerance for all the little mistakes that cause big problems, and we don’t expect you to. Work with us once, and feel what it’s like to have total confidence when it comes to custom cabinetry, finish work, doors, custom closets or custom furniture. popup-end

Designers & Architects

You are the visionaries who drive us to do our best work. And at Faracy, we take your vision personally. But beyond just doing a great job, we feel it is our responsibility to collaborate with you on all the details that contribute to meeting your highest standards. That requires us to constantly stay on the leading edge of what’s possible when it comes to nuances in materials, hardware, and even technology. Working closely with our experienced team should streamline your process, relieve some of the typical stress associated with this detailed process, and ultimately please your discerning clientele. popup-end-2


For two decades we’ve specialized in serving the unique desires of the affluent homeowner. Whether they were building their primary residence, a second home, or remodeling, our team has worked intimately with them to create fantastic settings in their kitchens, baths, closets, media rooms, offices, doors, wine cellars and more. With Faracy, our meticulous process exposes you to all your choices and then enables you to see the finished product on the computer long before the first screw is turned. Over the years, many of our clients have hired us countless times because reliability is never an issue, and the end result is a setting that always meets expectations. popup-end-3